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This world’s first heart transplant is the inspiration for this massive sculpture in the entrance of the new hospital. This world’s first heart transplant is the inspiration for this massive sculpture in the entrance of the new hospital. Netcare

New Foreshore hospital now open

Nov 28, 2016

On Monday 5 December, the new state-of-the-art Christiaan Barnard Hospital started admitting its first patients, signaling the end of the road for the current one between Loop and Bree streets.

The hospital pays tribute not only to the work of the pioneering heart transplant surgeon but to other medical innovators, according to Netcare CEO Dr Richard Friedland.

“Professor Christiaan Barnard achieved in medical history the equivalent of man’s first landing on the moon,” he said at a media briefing.

“The new hospital represented the ideal opportunity to celebrate Professor Barnard’s incredible medical feat while recognising the very painful backdrop of the shameful and exclusionary apartheid system at the time of his achievement.”

The location, right on the freeway alongside the expanded convention centre, presented “a unique opportunity to contribute to this iconic urban landscape”.

“We saw this as an interesting challenge to perpetuate the legacy of Professor Barnard in a modern and highly specialised multi-disci- New Foreshore hospital set to open From parking lot to vibrant urban space plinary hospital dedicated to optimising the treatment and care of patients,” Friedland explained.

Artist Marco Cianfanelli and the late Jeremy Rose, architect behind some of South Africa’s most famous museums, heritage and public art projects, were tasked with creating a legacy project with an international, timeless quality. One of the most striking works is Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture, Threshold, suspended from the roof in the foyer, which captures the moment that Louis Washkansky’s heart was removed and Professor Barnard stared into an empty, living human chest cavity. Cianfanelli was part of the design team for Freedom Park in Pretoria, and the famous portrait sculpture of Nelson Mandela Capture Site in KwaZulu-Natal. He also has work in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The new 16-storey hospital building has been designed with green principles in mind, including the use of natural lights and lifts that generate electricity as they move up and down. It comprises 30 000m2 with 248 beds and an emergency department. 

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